Coach Carter (2005)

An inspiring high-school sports drama carried by loveable characters, a moving storyline, and a strong lead performance by Jackson. The sports film cliches are definitely here, but aren’t gregarious enough to make me not cry countless tears at the emotional peaks in the story, no matter how predictable. Some of the players’ personal side-plots feel a bit out of place (Kenyon and Kyra’s drama comes to mind) but others fit more seamlessly. In sum, a wonderful story, if not a ground-breaking film.
7/10 (Good)



  1. I always felt like this and Grid Iron Gang (which came out around the same time) were essentially the same film just replacing Basketball with Football and Samuel L Jackson with Dwayne Johnson; still loved them both though!
    Thought Jackson was pretty awesome, as usual, but everyone else was pretty forgettable again like Gridiron with Dwayne but this film had an awesome soundtrack!


    1. haven’t seen grid-iron gang, I’ll have to check it out! I actually liked the kids in coach carter, but I agree, Jackson was definitely the best of the lot! and a great soundtrack, indeed! thanks for the comment!


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