Foxcatcher (2014)

Striking and scenic cinematography and stellar performances from the three leads are regrettably wasted here thanks to a stifling screenplay: Slow-burning embers of tension are expertly stoked but as scene after scene goes by without any flames the film really starts to drag and you’re left waiting for something to happen. The massive potential of the interesting story and characters (Carell’s discomforting rich recluse in particular) is suffocated in this bittersweet film.
7/10 (Good)


  1. Too bad you didn’t like it, I for one thought it was a brilliant film, both an interesting character study and an exhibition for three magnificent performances. The movie is kinda meant to be a slow-burner which is what I like about it. But I will say it’s not for everyone


    1. hey I hear you, Khalid! all the ingredients were there for me, and I love a good slow-burning drama/character study, but this was just too slow for me, with not enough engaging development. but maybe a second viewing might sink in better! thanks for the comment! and you’ve got a great blog, looking forward to further posts!

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