Rushmore (1998)


The extracurricular king of Rushmore preparatory school is put on academic probation. (IMDb)
Anderson’s expertly artful direction (beautiful framing, distinct and thoughtful camerawork, and yummy set/character details) and oft-oddball script (“I’ll take Punctuality”; “I’ll take the tuna fish”) here is filled out nicely by a set of complex characters (led by the ambitious adult-teen hybrid Max) and nuanced (if not super deep) relationships within a solid dramedy script, providing the viewer with nearly as many emotional moments of satisfaction (“That’s my Max!”) as pure cinematic ones.
8/10 (Great)


    1. I haven’t officially reviewed all of his films, but I think Grand Budapest just edges this one for me right now… but only by the slimmest of margins! Rushmore is great. Bill Murray is definitely brilliant here too, although I just watched What About Bob? and it’s going to be hard to top that role for me! Just hilarious.

      Thanks for the comment, Sean!

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