Rating movies

Well folks, after some deliberation, I’ve decided to alter my movie rating system from the current 100 point system to a simplified 20 point system (5/10, 5.5/10, 6/10, etc.). I’ve been finding it much too difficult to be able to say with a confidence that any given movie is just .1, .2, etc. better than another-especially with my highest rated films when the rankings are more significant!
With a 20 point system it will be a lot easier to rank with confidence each film I watch, and not have to worry about making nitpicky judgment calls that are hard to do when I don’t have a completely fresh memory of every film I’ve seen all the time.
An unfortunate consequence, of course, is that my film rankings will become less meaningful–for example, with this change there will now be a five-way tie for my highest rated movie instead of a more nuanced list–but at least I won’t be worrying about whether I got it right or not, and there’s always my actual reviews to provide some meaningful differentiation between the films.
Anyways, I’ll be going through each of my reviews and adjusting the rating accordingly over these next few days, in case you notice something different!What are your thoughts on rating movies? What scale do you use? What’s your process for rating one movie higher or lower than another? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Rating movies

  1. I prefer using the 20-point rating system that you’re switching to. As you said, it becomes too tricky to calculate just how good a movie is by such a specific decimal system. Going by a .5 scale is simpler for me to apply! As for deciding which movies are better than others, aside from quality, rewatchability is key for me. For example, I loved La La Land and Manchester by the Sea this year, but La La Land is far more rewarding to revisit. Something new can be gleaned on every watch!

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