Blog facelift

Hey folks,

just thought I’d let you know I gave the blog a little facelift today. No more plain white background–I’ve gone to the dark side, and added an appropriate still from one of my personal favourites, Donnie Darko. My “By Rating” page has also been updated, in accordance with my recent rating change (though I’ve yet to add review links for every film listed there). Finally, I added a blogroll listing some of my favourite fellow movie bloggers/most loyal likers and commenters! If you think you deserve to be on there and aren’t, just let me know!

How do you like the new aesthetic? Would love to hear from you with any feedback on how to make this blog better. Cheers,



  1. Hey buddy hows it going. I like the new look! Just one little problem, if you scroll the letters too high it makes it hard to read cause it blends with the background. One has to keep the post in the lower half of the screen where its all black to not have any background interference. I guess its nothing big just thought I’d give you a heads up. The 20 point system seems too high but hey, I’m pretty easy, no biggie. Anyways don’t take none of this the wrong way, cause I’d like to be on your blogroll favorites!

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    1. that’s it, i’m taking you off the list! πŸ˜› haha. seriously though, i appreciate the constructive feedback! i noticed that too, just hoped it wasn’t a big deal. But you’re right, it’s kind of a pain. Think I might try and have any future posts to have a black background around any text to make it easier to read! hopefully that will do the trick!
      and if you think the 20-point system is high, you really must have thought my 100-point system was all-out ridiculous! πŸ˜› haha. so far i’m liking the 20-point, especially since i never really rate movies below a 40 or 30 anyways. thanks for the comment, woody!

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