Drive (2011)


A mysterious Hollywood stuntman and mechanic moonlights as a getaway driver and finds himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbor. (IMDb)
Smoothly moves without leaving a character behind or strings untied from a subtly spun protagonist set-up (the quiet Driver is ever intriguing) with budding romance to a bloody crime/revenge drama spiked with shocking violence. Add to that an equally cohesive aesthetic of a moody city setting slickly portrayed (see the crossfade transitions, scrumptious slow motion shots under a gorgeous synth soundtrack) and unique scene edits (see the final confrontation) and the film packs quite the punch.
9/10 (Amazing)

3 thoughts on “Drive (2011)

  1. My favorite film of all time! There’s so much to praise this film for and you summed it up perfectly. I’m so glad you gave it such a high score!

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    1. haha i remember you singing its praises a while back so i figured it would be a sure bet for me, and i’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint!
      thanks for the kind words, brett, i’m glad you thought i did it justice in my review!

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