Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

It’s a little hard to keep up with Holmes’ fast-track mind that takes us through the mystery, but the journey is nothing short of breathtaking–thrilling action sequences (see the wild train ride) matched only by RDJ and Law’s brilliant banter are bolstered by a wonderful score (see the fiddle-backed bar fight) and slick cinematography (see the stop-go slow-motion in the forest run)–and a well-crafted climax (Harris is a solid adversary) capably fills us in while still amping up the tension.


  1. We recently rewatched the first one, and now you’ve made me think we need to track this one down again too. Now that we watch the series with Benedict, it’s hard to keep the plots straight.

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    1. ah yeah, i don’t have any other sherlock content to confuse it with 😛
      But yeah, this one definitely comes highly recommended from me! seems like there’s some disdain out there for Guy Ritchie’s hyper-stylism that’s arising with his King Arthur flick out now, but i’m a huuuge fan of what i’ve seen so far, especially in his one. i was mesmerized.


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