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I know it’s not exactly like I have a huge audience or anything, but I just wanted to use what clout I do possibly have to plug one of my favourite movie review blogs that I’ve noticed is continually not getting nearly enough likes or attention relative to the great quality of his content!
Not too long, not too short (unlike one blogger I know- *cough* Joel Watches Movies *cough*), Brett’s reviews are first and foremost really well-written, adeptly covering all the good and bad and in-between of any given film in one cohesive, flowing mini-essay. They’re knowledgeable, fair, spoiler-free, and have just the right amount of humour thrown in every now and then. And for the short on time, he always includes a summary of his opinion and a rating out of 10 at the bottom of each of his reviews. He stays on top of the new releases coming out (*cough* Joel Watches Movies *cough*) and throws some great classic reviews in there too.
Finally, he’s one of the most active commenters on my site and is always open to hearing anyone else’s thoughts on movies that he’s reviewed too, even if they’re different than his. Check out Reviewed By Brett now-you won’t be disappointed!

2 thoughts on “Blog plug

  1. Wow, I’m speechless! Thank you so much for the shoutout, Joel; this was incredibly kind. I appreciate all of your continued support, and I’m glad someone out there enjoys reading my ramblings. And thanks for running such a killer blog, yourself! I always look forward to your latest review!

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