Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Thanos’ villain still felt a little familiar with his twisted “for the greater good” motive, but he remained an intimidating presence-a good match for the huge cast of heroes which is balanced remarkably well throughout and contributes to plenty of amazing moments both of comedy (see Thor meeting the Guardians) and action (see the Titan attack; Thor’s arrival in Wakanda). With all the superpowers going around some snags in the plot arise but its massive stakes and solid execution overwhelm them.


  1. I heard it was very sad. Turned me off. I like GOTG1&2 because they are so funny and light. Don’t think I’d care to see a self important sad version of these types of films, but that’s just me I guess. I’m not a dedicated fan of the genre as it is.

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    1. honestly, it’s got its sad moments, but it’s got its absolutely hilarious ones too! (many of them featuring the guardians). so it never feels self-important or too serious or anything. it’s just kinda big in every possible way-action, comedy, drama, everything. i’d give it a chance!

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  2. Great review. I love this movie. It was definitely worth the ten year build up to its release. I’ve already seeing it four times in theaters. Can’t wait for it get released on home release in a few months.

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    1. 4 times!!?? now that’s pure adoration, jason! lol. i definitely really enjoyed it- wasn’t sure how they would be able to balance all the characters but they really pulled it off. got chills many a time when i saw some of my fav superheroes team up!


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