Hi! I’m Joel. 31 year old administrative assistant, dabbling musician, and proud dad.
I’m also a lover of all things film who enjoys writing, which is where this blog comes in! It consists mostly of miniature movie reviews (though I’m trying to start writing more lists to switch things up), covering any and every title I can feast my eyes upon–and considering I’m relatively new to the avid movie watching game, I’ve got virtually an endless amount of films made over the last 100 years or so to catch up on, not to mention all the great films still coming out today. So with all of that said, I welcome–nay, request!–any and all criticism, feedback, recommendations, etc. here on this blog.
Feel free to browse through the reviews I’ve posted thus far by perusing my review indexes (I love indexes): By Title, By Year, By Rating.
Thanks for reading, and I look forward to talking film with you!


  1. Hey man! Love your reviews.
    As a huge film and tv series fanatic myself, I’ve started my own reviews page on my blog called Reel Talk. My first review is already out. I would greatly appreciate it if you followed my blog and read my first review on this new venture! Feel free to give your thoughts!

    Follow my blog at http://www.thebrownblackorange.wordpress.com and look out for the Reel Talk page for upcoming reviews and suggestions! Thanks!:)

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    1. thanks for the kind words, man! welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll definitely give your blog a follow- I’m always down for a new movie blog to check out. follow back? 🙂 looking forward to checking out some of your content! cheers, Joel

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