Blank Check (1994)

By accident, the 12-year-old Preston is given a blank check and when he fills in $1,000,000 – he is able to get it! He is having fun spending the money, but the gangsters who owned it want it back…  (IMDb)
A kid vs. adults comedy a la Home Alone, complete with a preposterous plot, shoddy acting, and loud 80s music, but it’s really not a terrible watch if you can see its cheesyness as charming instead of aggravating. There are a few truly funny moments (“Damian and Ralph sleep butt to face, butt to face…”), and the hilariously hard-luck and lonely Preston is a sympathetic character made even more so by Bonsall’s mediocre performance. A fun enough family flick.
6/10 (Mediocre)

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)


A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of a missing dolphin mascot of a football team. (IMDb)
The titular character is undoubtedly the highlight here; outrageous facial expressions and bodily movements combine with huge hair, Hawaiian shirts, a quick wit, and savvy sleuthing skills to make one of Carrey’s most entertaining personas. The hilarious Ventura and his animal friends join some cocky cops, a ravishing reporter, and quarterback Dan Marino in this wacky but surprisingly well-crafted sports-tinged mystery that’s a lot of fun to watch.
7/10 (Good)