Set It Up (2018)

Kinda wish it was just about Deutch’s aspiring journalist eating popcorn hands-free out of her hoodie while trying to write inspiring sports articles that “make people cry” but fine, this is okay too. The set up hijinks and boss-assistant dynamics both offer their fair share of quirky humour, and the central relationship has plenty of charm, though the film really starts to drag when the former starts to fade in favour of the latter and you’re left waiting for the inevitable generic conclusion.

Buffaloed (2019)

Deutch is a dynamo, eating up every scene with the fervor of a Buffalonian going at a plate of wings, perfecting the compelling Peg in all her manic suit, sneaker, and half-bun glory (the details are just delicious–see the long socks + high heels; sign-tap leaving prison). Fortunately, the film doesn’t fumble its fantastic lead, serving up a simple and steady crime-dramedy script with just the right amount of good feels and directorial spice (the slow motion run across town was a great intro).