Anomalisa (2015)


A man crippled by the mundanity of his life experiences something out of the ordinary. (IMDb)
Breathtaking in its combination of down-to-earth detail (see the lovingly crafted stop-motion animation, authentic dialogue) and a calm, patient pace (see the long cab ride, trip up the elevator, walk to the ice machine), which, in a marvelously ironic way, celebrate with refreshing realism (see the sex scene) the inevitability of and the beauty that can be found in the mundane while following a lead who only wants to get away from it (the repeated voice symbolized the antagonist(s) perfectly).
9/10 (Amazing)



  1. You’re definitely a Charlie Kaufman fan! This isn’t my favorite of his, but it still left an impression on me ever since I saw it nearly two years ago, and it’s one that hasn’t really left since. I’d say that’s the mark of a truly special film.

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    1. yeah I guess I am a Kaufman fan! still need to see some of his classics tho, like Being John Malkovich. what’s your fav of his?

      yeah, this one still feels fresh in my mind, and it was one of those where the more I thought about it the more I grew in awe of it! felt like every moment was significant.

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      1. My favorite’s probably still Eternal Sunshine. It just never gets old! And yeah, I also need to see Being John Malkovich. Seeing something from both him and Spike Jonze would be incredible!

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