Sicario (2015)

The incredible technical aspects (consistently unique and beautiful camerawork with some stunning bird’s eye views, a marvelous use of sound, and two particularly gut-wrenching themes–one dark, one mournful–all impeccably edited–see the captivating convoy journey into Mexico) and solid, subtle acting only make the poorly written script (details are left out and questions arise at every plot turn) all the more frustrating. It’s hard to get engaged when the stakes are constantly unclear.


  1. Good review. I agree with you on this movie. It had a good premise, good actors, and a good technical in film, but it was poorly written and vague at various points. Gripping, but not engaging. I know many liked this movie, but it was just “okay” for me.

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    1. thanks Jason! yeah it was so vague at points! my wife and I found ourselves pausing after almost every scene to ask each other what was going on or why things were happening. quite frustrating, especially considering the potential that was there!

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  2. Great review, Joel! Personally, this was one of my favorite films of last year. I enjoyed nearly everything about it, even the script! And I completely agree with you – the score is one of the most unsettling ones that I’ve heard in a long time.

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  3. I’ve been reluctant to watch this film, since my brother said it was absolutely terrible, but after seeing your review, I’m having second thoughts.

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    1. it’s a far cry from terrible in my opinion! the story is hard to follow, but that’s pretty much the only criticism I have of it. it’s superbly shot and edited, and well worth a watch just for that! thanks for reading! 🙂

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