Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Great action? Sure. But the civil war premise behind half of it is terribly constructed. The initial point of tension was decent but certainly didn’t warrant an all-out brawl (the banter in the airport showdown just proved how dumb it was) and it developed into a misunderstanding that could’ve been resolved just with a good conversation instead of a near to-the-death fight (you were friends, right?). Like, the bad guy just said he wanted you to fight each other. Truly a stupid superhero movie.


  1. Wow! I have to say, I’m surprised at this reaction, but totally respect it. I thought this was one of the best MCU flicks, one with stellar drama, powerful arcs, and a solid premise. But, to each their own!

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    1. hey Brett, I appreciate the respect! I remember reading how you loved this one so I was a bit nervous as to how you’d react to my review! 😛
      man, i can see where you’re coming from too. it just came down to the fact that I just never bought how they justified the civil
      war premise, and that being the key to the whole
      film, I found it really hard to enjoy any of the good stuff!

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      1. Fair enough! I’ve heard that same sentiment from different people. It certainly isn’t without merit! I just really appreciated that there was at least an effort to give the conflict some logic and substance, which is saying a lot, sadly, for many other superhero flicks these days.

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  2. If I may add something here. You say the initial point of tension didn’t merit the whole fight between friends. That’s true if you think that the initial point takes place in this film, but it does not. This tension has been building over the course of 3 films! Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Here you see the relationship between Cap and Tony, there differences in what they stand for and why. This is the beauty in the shared universe marvel has created. This might be a bit unfair to those who don’t follow the MCU closely and havent seen every film, which I imagine is frustrating I grant you. But boy has this connected universe been one hell of a ride for those who have been there from the beginning. Anyways, just thought I’d share that with you my friend! “Truly a stupid superhero movie”, I admire your straight forward honesty tho! LOL!!!


    1. Haha thanks man. Yeah it just felt like they were all being really “brawn over brains” superheros throughout, beating each other up instead of just talking it over, that’s where that comment stemmed from! 😛

      but yeah, you make a fair point for sure. I did actually watch all the previous Marvel films, but I admit, it had been more than a few months in between my viewings of Age of Ultron and Civil War, so perhaps if I had watched them more close together, I would have bought the premise more!

      I appreciate your respectful comment, man! Figured the review would be a bit controversial, so I’m glad to have gotten some respectful pushback. It’s always good to hear other perspectives!

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