The Mummy (1999)

Cheesy, in some bad ways and some good ways: The opening historical background sequence is just horrendous in its melodrama, dated CGI, and outlandish “Egyptian” costumes, and these things occasionally pop up again, but the over-the-top characters (see Weisz’ awkward British lass, the trigger-happy, bourbon-drinking Americans) and goofy sense of humour (“You probably won’t live through it” *happily* “You really think so?”) combines well with the spooky adventure tale for an overall fun watch.


  1. Tonally this one’s so diffferent from the reboot they’ve tried to do with Tom Cruise. People were outraged, and I was surprised that people cared enough about the first to even get passionate.

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    1. yeah i hadn’t ever really heard lingering appreciation for the original… but yeah, the reason why it succeeded was because it didn’t (for the most part) try to be all serious like it sounds like they did in the reboot!


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